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Our Products

  • Mobilytics - Mobile Analytics & Reporting

    A consumer intelligent app for better & efficient reporting using mobile analyics

    Efficient reports compare to telcom operator!
    Details summary daily/weekly/monthly basis
    Provide every report that can be have by mobile
    Personwise call/sms reports
    List of people whom you are in touch
    Track record of every trasaction report which done though mobile banking
  • Fillgapp - Intelligent Messaging

    Fill the gap between you & important people in your life
    & send alerts anytime automatically

    Always be touch with important people in your Life
    Automatic quering to inform people in case of Emergency
    Special day wishes automatically(Birthday,anniversaries, festival etc.)
    Predefind messages to remind how close you even in busy Life

  • SmartServ

    Smartly Serve Customers & Efficiently reduce the queue system

    Serve Customers Smartly
    Automatic Booking by Date & time.
    Save time, money & energy.
    No need to have assistance & large Saftwares
  • Ginfy - Pray, Meditate, Learn

    Connect to God more often not just in tough times & Share experiences which motivate and inspire

    Be more aware of God’s presence in your life
    –through Prayers
    Get Peace of Mind through Meditations
    Learn from the great teachers and seekers