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Fillgap-    Mobile Analytics Software for efficiency & safety

Isn't your "mobile" represents "you"? Dont you analyse & get better solutions from these huge data? With Fillgap, you would:

  • - Receive alerts for >40 mobile analytics
  • - Get detailed reports of your mobile usage
  • - Capture your life through albums , diaries & CDs
  • - Send gifts to your circle during special days
  • - Automatically Respond to >20 queries during emergency
  • - Bulk Auto messaging through SMS & Email

Money Savings

Under money saving section, we have Call/SMS reports for below matrix-
  • For Every Call/SMS, cost & duration calculation & time specific reports
  • According to particular Country, Calculation of National, STD, Roaming, Local Call/SMS cost,as well as data plans cost calculations also.
  • Tips & scheme information for better Call/SMS & data plans optimization
  • Time Specific data usage reports either user uses data plans or wi-fi.
  • Battery Usage info (How many times charged, How much voltage consumed etc..)

  • Safety & Locations Reports

  • User can configure his/her own safeguard.(Emergency Notifier)
  • In Every emergency/urgency send sms/email to safegaurds
  • With Every call/SMS notify them that whom you are interacting.
  • Getting Low Balance/Battery, inform to safeguards.

  • Hardware Reports

  • Battery Info (No. of Times charged, Voltage consumed etc..)
  • Mobile Lifetime Usage (No. of times screen touched, No. of times switch On/Off etc...)
  • GPS, Radio, Wi-Fi,Camera usage reports

  • Queries & Scheduling

  • Send sms to fillgap/any user to query respective information
    -(where are you ?, send me no. of "abc", Send calllog of date "01-01-2014" etc..)
  • Configure Schedule Call/SMS to particular days
  • Fillgap Focuses on :

    Alarm Notification
    Auto Bulk SMS & Email
    Money Savings
    Financial Reports
    Safety & Locations Reports
    Queries & Scheduling
    Travels Reports
    Apps Usage
    Hardware Reports

    Financial Reports

    Capture finance related informations and calculate all possible deposited/withdrawal money reports, in every possible medium of money involvement. it could be any of below channel for money flow:
  • ATM money withdrawal reports
  • Online Fund Transfer reports
  • Ticket Booking(Airline, Train, Bus, Movie etc...)
  • Shopping Bills
  • Food & Restraurant Bills
  • Electricity Bill Payments
  • Mobile Bills
  • Donations

  • Travel Reports

  • User dont know where he/she is travelling
    -(Capture Every location travelled & generate travel experience reports)
  • Calculate cost of traveled place based on vehicle type and call/sms tracking
  • How much time user spending for travel
    -(keep looking travel reports for each travel expences)
  • How much distance/duration User is travelling
    -(Using reports user can know how much distance he/she travelled between two places & total distance travelled.)

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