• FillGap

    FillGap is an Intelligent Messaging application for cherishing relationship with family, friends, relatives & colleagues. Wish your loved ones for their special dates without forgetting/missing those good days. Stay connected with your beloved ones at all time. Fillgap Reminds your work to you to be as a perfect person at the proper time.


    QAM (Quality Assurance in Mobile) app on Google Play Store

  • Ginfy stands for God Infinitely, a platform for collective prayers and meditations. For many reasons we are unable to take out time for deep introspection or simply commune with the Divine. Ginfy is just the place for a quick meditation and prayer on the go for instant peace and rejuvenation, knowing yourself better, Share experiences which motivate and inspire.


    Ginfy app on Google Play Store

    Visit us at : www.ginfy.com
  • IBetter.in- Online Task Management

    Solution to Plan Dreams, Tasks, Priorities. Send Automatic help requests to your friends using Email and SMS, Get reminders for urgent and important tasks everyday by Email and SMS, Monitor your activities based on with various reports, Capture your lessons learnt for better planning. Go to IBetter and share your Life's Lessons, Experience, Dreams etc. and get happy. So Signup now and start using for better management of Life.


    Visit us at : IBetter
  • Recipe Khazana

    Recipe Khazana is android app for those who are food lover because it is a mixed flavor of Indian, western and Chinese recipes.In each category we are giving veg, non-veg, soups, sweets, cakes, pickles, ice-creams, noodles etc. You can have look at the manual recipes and video recipes also. Download it from Google play store.


    Recipe Khazana app on Google Play Store