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AdsKite-Marketplace for Advertising

Adskite connects businesses/customers with media/printing vendors for advertising needs. and will be cost effective,save time for the customer finding out the right medium to advertise.

SmartServ - Serve Customers Smartly

Using this App you can order the products you regularly buy from stores catering to pharmacies / bakeries or any business with take away where customers can pick up their orders on the go. Create your business profile , add the items in stock in our easy to use database and take the orders right away !

Fillgap-Fill the gap between people

In this busy world, how are you filling the communication gap between you & your important people (i.e spouse/lover, family members, friends, customers , business/professional contacts, relatives, society etc)? do you want to improve your relationships either personal or business? how do you advertise your business more? - Configure predefined messages (times & frequency) in a bulk so that Fillgapp sends sms/email automatically. - Import face book friend's birthdays and wish them automatically.

Mobilytics Mobile Analytics & Reporting

Mobilytics gives you detailed daily, weekly, monthly & yearly reports which contains the entire mobile data - calls, call experiences (outgoing, missed, rejected, incoming), amount/time summary spent for every call, every person, sms content (sent, received), apps used, locations travelled, battery used, times camera used etc.. -It sends all these reports to your email everyday automatically so that none of your data is lost, this detailed report can be used as a e-dairy for printing.

Ginfy Pray, Meditate & Learn

Ginfy is a platform for Prayers. Meditations and Learnings.Ginfy connects you with lots of spritiual people virtually.Ginfy app helps you to gain lots of peace of mind and happiness through prayers and meditation.Chant/listen to your favorite spiritual songs,music,mantra,scripture,quote and speech repeatedly to get peace and strength to your soul and mind.Post all your worries,concerns and successes so that lots of people around the world will pray for you and bring blessings.

Recipe Khazana - Learn and Cook

Recipe Khazana is a mixed flavor of Indian,western and Chinese recipes.In each category we are giving veg,non-veg,soups,sweets,cakes,pickles,ice-creams,noodles etc.You can have look at the manual recipes and video recipes also.

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Software Services/Consulting

Services offered:

Project Services

  - Development and deployment of solutions based on customer expectations within timelines.

Product Services

  - Product lifecycle ownership from design to deployment in complete partnership with the customer.

Technologies we do support:

Web Technologies

MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, Node.js
Magento Stack
Ruby On Rails

CRM (Dynamics AX)

Technical Consulting
Technical Solutions
Finance Consulting
Trading & Logistics



Mobile Technologies


Cloud Computing



CCAvenue Integration
Facebook,Twitter Apis
Twitter Bootstrap
FourSquare/API's Integration

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